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A gathering of people who work and pray with laughter, to reach for the stars that seem too distant to be touched, or to dim to be worth the effort. We try to be friends with people in need, and to celebrate life with people who believe that the struggle to be like Jesus in building a world more justly loving is worth the gift of our lives.

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Quest for Peace

We have partnered with the Institute of John XXIII and FEDICAMP, local organization in Nicaragua
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Haiti Reborn

Our work in Haiti is centered in the region of Gros Morne, located in northern Haiti


Research, education, and advocacy in pursuit of an inclusive vision of citizenship.
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Catholics Speak Out

The Quixote Center has been at the forefront of Catholic reform efforts including the priesthood
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Criminal Justice Reform

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Daily Dispatch 9/20/18

A sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

September 20, 2018


Evacuation and transfer of ICE detainees in Florence’s path amplify dehumanizing treatment.

South Carolina investigating deaths of two women who drowned in the back of a police van while being transported in the midst of hurricane Florence.

Related: Animosity builds between FEMA and DHS chiefs.

Island Nature:

A Tale of Two Hurricanes: 120 years of colonialism in Puerto Rico.

Ricardo Rossello, Governor of Puerto Rico, asks for statehood, enumerates multiple errors in a State Department request to dismiss an Inter-American Commission on Human Rights investigation into  U.S. human rights violations in Puerto Rice.

Statehood for Puerto Rico is not only about realizing Puerto Rico’s full potential. It is about America living up to its most noble values by creating a more perfect Union.

One year later, the country reflects on politics, medical care, energy, domestic violence, and economics in post-Maria Puerto Rico.

The Courts:

Jeff Sessions does away with judicial discretion altogether – ruling that immigration judges can no longer dismiss or terminate cases unless directed to by DHS.

Sessions has also referred a case to himself to decide whether asylum seekers have the right to bond hearings or whether they should remain in detention while awaiting decisions.

29 immigration judges handling 72,000 cases in Los Angeles – but head of national association says more judges isn’t the answer.

For our legal nerds: Public Schools, Unauthorized Immigrants, and the Overlooked Import of Plyler v. Doe.

The Fool:

“It’s like perfect.” Trump’s takeaway from 9/11 memorial ceremony in Shanksville, PA? What a great wall!

They built this gorgeous wall where the plane went down in Pennsylvania, Shanksville. What they did is incredible. They have a series of walls, I’m saying, it’s like perfect. So, we are pushing very hard [for the border wall].

Building a border wall is hard. “Who knew?”

Trump threatens to do “very impressive” “things” on immigration in the next two weeks. White House official says the “very impressive” “things” will be minor adjustments – “none of it will result in major changes.”

The Congress:

Congress debates Trump’s plan to withdraw from the Flores agreement in order to detain children indefinitely.

The Cops:

ICE sees 66% increase in noncriminal arrests in 2018.

193 Central American migrants detained yesterday in remote Arizona desert.

The States:

Arizona revokes licenses for 13 Southwest Key shelters housing migrant children for failing to conduct background checks after sexual abuse charges.

Two Iowa murders reveal the nativist motives behind conservative exploitative rhetoric.

California to legalize street vending to protect undocumented immigrants from detention.

The People:

From NPR: A Guatemalan Village Tells the Story of Immigration to the US.

Why Chris Richardson left a sweet life as US diplomat in Europe to become an immigration lawyer in Tennessee.

Report shows that religious conservatives are more liberal on race and immigration than secular conservatives.

The Response:

“Dear White People” or “The Caucacity of Nope”: A journalist responds to University of Maryland’s “safe space for white students.”

genuine empathy… starts with a taste of what it is like to be constantly questioned, analyzed and made to feel like an “other.”


Quinnipiac poll shows 67% of Americans believe NFL players have the right to protest.

Nikes, Levis, Guns, Protests, and Corporate Persons – it’s complicated – or is it just marketing?

Remember that pastor that cut up his Nike sweatband? This writer explores the white evangelical nationalism that conflates conservative politics, patriotism, and faith.



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Daily Dispatch 9/19/18

A sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

September 19, 2018

Déjà vu:

1,500 kids lost – AGAIN!  Out of the 11,254 unaccompanied migrant children that HHS has placed with sponsors in 2018, investigators reveal that HHS “could not determine with certainty the whereabouts of 1,488.” Similarly, HHS lost track of 1,457 of kids it placed in 2017.

Though the Army suspended a program that discharged immigrants, emails show they’re still looking for excuses to do so. DOD denies the allegation.

CBP Update:

Texas law enforcement “not confident” that the four women executed by Border Patrol serial killer are his only victims.

Trump wants 5,000 more Border Patrol agents, but CBP serial killer case raises questions about vetting procedures.


Obama’s ORR director calls slashing refugee cap “a new low in our history” and warns Pompeo, “people will die.”

Grassley (R-IA) chastises administration for cuts to refugee program, saying it “has willfully ignored its statutory mandate to inform and consult with Congress.”

UN High Commission on Refugees offers a nonresponse.

This small town in Italy demonstrates why they might want to reconsider lowering refugee cap.

When it comes to welcoming refugees, Canada is the new America.


Author of Dear America examines the role of FOX News in creating the “get in line” immigration narrative espoused by Trump base.

Press Release:

New American Economy releases report that ranks US cities quality of life for immigrants. Newark and Baltimore top the list, while Raleigh and Fort Worth bottom out. See complete report [PDF].

Big Brother:

ICE contracts with GrayShift, iPhone hackers led by former Apple security staff. Human rights activists fear invasion of privacy.

Senate Hearings:

You Can’t Have It Both Ways: ICE’s head of ERO, reaffirms his description of kids’ detention centers as “summer camps.” When asked if he’d send his kids there, he said “not applicable.” The point is their parents did something wrong and “that is why they are there.”  So is it camp or jail?

Asked by Senate if there are health risks associated with detaining children indefinitely, DHS, CBP, and DOJ answer: “I don’t know.” Video:




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Daily Dispatch 9/18/18

A sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

September 18, 2018

Making America White Again:

Miller Trumps Pompeo: Drastic cuts to refugee program – lowering cap from 110,000 to 50,000 to 45,000 and now to 30,000 – a priority of Miller’s Make America White Again agenda, despite pushback from Pompeo and the Pentagon.

Related: White House is “tickled pink” that their campaign of “bureaucratic strangulation” has led to the lowest number of refugees in the nearly 40-year history of the program. Why? … … … Yep, racism – you got it.

Related: The Judiciary Committee, required by law to be notified of such a change, said… oh, never mind, no one told Congress.

This American diplomat notices a trend in the State Department – it’s getting whiter. Some minority diplomats resigned, but the rest have been fired, demoted, or passed up for promotion. And the number of women has dropped 7% under Trump. This author resigned after she and a fellow officer were told they couldn’t pass the “Breitbart Test.”

Hunting for Victims:

“Hunting for victims,” Border Patrol serial killer targeted vulnerable communities, and may have used his intel position to monitor progress of police investigating the deaths of the women he executed.

(CBP responds by placing the confessed serial killer on “indefinite unpaid suspension.”)

Fighting Back:

Austin and other “freedom cities” get creative to skirt “sanctuary city” crackdown and state laws. In Texas, “police officers can ask people they stop about their immigration status,” but in Austin police are also required to inform them of their right to refuse to answer.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia:

An outstanding, in-depth, 4-part look inside ICE / CoreCivic’s Stewart Detention Center in rural Georgia, the nation’s largest.

Solitary confinement cell at Stewart Detention Center (Georgia Bureau of Investigation)


Christian Science Monitor offers a profile of DACA recipients a year after Trump announced the program’s end.

At the Border:

ICE assigns “fake dates” for court appearances – creating chaos in courthouses and confusion for anyone who’s never heard of “September 31st” (an obscure bi-millennial leap year?).

CBP’s McAleenan to inspect children’s facilities as number of families and unaccompanied minors held at the border increase.

Mexican officials find 124 starving Central Americans in cargo trucks in Oaxaca – half of them kids.

Get your very own piece of the border wall in NM – live public auction on December 3rd.


Huffington Post accuses Washington Post of twisting data in its report alleging the Trump administration denying passports to Latino citizens at the border, but WaPo stands by its story.


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